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The Magoo Craft Server Network story

Magoo Craft started out as a Small Modded Minecraft server in 2014 designed by a gamer known as Mr. Magoo that eventually bloomed into a full server network with multiple Minecraft server types and servers for other games such as Rust and ARK. Unfortunately due to a gradual decline in Minecraft players and a lack of funding the network had to be shutdown.


But recently a few of the old staff team have decided to open up the Original Survival Server that began on the Magoo Craft Server Network and open it back up to the public

Mr. Magoo decided to create a patreon for the server for people who are fans of the Magoo Craft  servers to help support current and future development of the servers.

Magoo Craft Server Rules

1. No Griefing

2. No Stealing

3. No Exploiting Glitches

  • a. Duping

  • b. Mods (Except for cosmetic)

4. No AFK Machines

5. No Lag Machines

6. No Chat Violations

  • a. Racial or derogatory slurs

  • b. Swearing

  • c. Spam (Repetition and Caps spam)

  • d. Arguing with staff

  • e. Asking staff for items

  • f. Asking to be staff

  • g. Attempting to bypass chat filter

  • h. Sharing of personal information (Location, etc)

  • i. Talking in languages other than English

  • j. Advertising other servers

7. No PvP

Come Join us on the

MagooCraft Server Discord

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